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"Voting platforms are flawed"

HyperVote was founded on the premise that current voting platforms are flawed. Whether voting as a shareholder, or for your local municipality, voting is susceptible to a lack of transparency, accuracy and security. In the worst cases these lead to over votes and fraud. Even functioning voting platforms make it impossible for a voter to be certain that their vote was correctly counted.

Using the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain, HyperVote aims to remove the pain points that currently exist in voting platforms. HyperVote is being developed to produce a voting platform that allows for greater transparency, by allowing users to track their votes; greater accuracy, as each vote is linked to a unique hash; and greater security as transactions in a blockchain are immutable and can be audited with ease.

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"Our not-for-profit association has been looking for an online voting system for some time when we were told about an exciting new start-up working out of the University of British Columbia and that uses Block Chain technology. Our Board of Directors was immediately interested and we began the process of working with a team of professional and responsive entrepreneurs determined to make the first online voting experience of our members work. The HyperVote team has consistently provided outstanding support and leveraged their technical skills to adapt to feedback from the Board of Directors and needs identified by our membership. I have let not-for-profit colleagues know about this new company and will continue to share our experience and suggest their services without reservation. I am proud to support this Canadian start-up using this important technological solution."

- Jo McCutcheon

Executive Director -Association of Canadian Archivists

"The versatility, responsiveness, and ease of the product were second to the HyperVote team itself. Not only was the product integrated into our event seamlessly, with zero complications, the HyperVote team present at the event ensured a smooth process. On the product side, we required some adjustments to their standard voting platform to tailor it to our event, and the HyperVote team responded by accommodating every ask. The logistical planning of every event can be stressful, but HyperVote gave us one less thing to worry about. HyperVote's team and service are incredible, and we will be using their service indefinitely."

- Tahir Adatia

Program Director - AMS Entrepreneurship Hub

"Where you see wrong or inequality or injustice, speak out, because this is your country. This is your democracy. Make it. Protect it. Pass it on."

- Thurgood Marshall

Meet the (Nerds) Team

Alex Lee

Co-Founder & CEO

Hudhaifah Zahid

Co-Founder & CTO

Ludzi Bokete

Co-Founder & Blockchain Developer

Sakib Hossain

Software Developer

Vicki Lemieux

Blockchain Advisor

Tej Basi


Arak Bhokanandh





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