Online voting using blockchain technology.


Built for Voters by Voters.

Hypervote is an online proxy voting system that allows for greater transparency, accuracy, and security using blockchain technology. Track votes through the entire system, and query your own results to ensure decision makers are being held accountable.


No more ballots. Our service is completely mobile.

Flexible Use

Not in town? Vote online from anywhere in the world.


Our permissioned blockchain system prevents outside attacks and corruption, keeping your votes safe and accurate.

Free to Use

We believe that all votes deserve transparency. Our service is free and always will be.

About Us

HyperVote was founded on the premise that current voting platforms are flawed. Whether voting as a shareholder, or for your local municipality, voting is susceptible to a lack of transparency, accuracy and security. In the worst cases these lead to over votes and fraud. Even functioning voting platforms make it impossible for a voter to be certain that their vote was correctly counted.

Using the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain, HyperVote aims to remove the pain points that currently exist in voting platforms. HyperVote is being developed to produce a voting platform that allows for greater transparency, by allowing users to track their votes; greater accuracy, as each vote is linked to a unique hash; and greater security as transactions in a blockchain are immutable and can be audited with ease.